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I get many emails and guestbook entries from current members and supporters of the ICoC.  Here, I will share with you some things that I deeply believe about the ICoC and its practices.

This page is not intended to go deeply into the Biblical twisting and fallacies of the ICoC's doctrine and theology.  If you would like more information on these topics, please email me.


A Blatant and Disgusting Twisting of the Bible

Through introductory and indoctrinating studies, new recruits to the ICoC go through a series of studies, First Principles (link at the left).  These studies are intended to get the recruit to blindly follow the direction of their leaders in the ICoC.

The ICoC turns scripture into a dizzying maze of uncertainty that can only be understood if one listens to the leaders put in charge of the studies and the church.  

Scriptures as simple as "The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch."  is taught so that the recruit will believe that if you are not a disciple, you are not a Christian.  If you are not a Christian, you are separated from God and going to hell.  This makes the recruit believe that he or she must become a "disciple" in order to go to heaven.

I have only touched on this subject here, but via REVEAL, you can find a letter to the ICoC by Jennifer Porter that will outline more of the inconsistencies of the ICoC's use of the Word of God.

A Monopoly on Salvation

One of the most disturbing doctrines of the ICoC centers around the ICoC being the "One True Church."  The ICoC tells its members and new recruits that the ICoC is the Kingdom of God on earth.  To leave the ICoC is to leave God.

If one is not a member of an ICoC church, he or she is not a member of the body of Christ (body of believers) and not a part of the Kingdom of God.  If one is not a member of the ICoC, one must become a member to be guaranteed a spot in heaven.

The ICoC recently placed the following article on it's webpage:  The Critics Say:  One Church.  You can find a link to this page on the left.  This article clearly states that the ICoC is the ONE AND ONLY church.


 The Misleading of Recruits and New Members

I firmly believe that nearly all members of the ICoC know that they mislead people for the gain of the church and not for Christ.  God and Christ are not misleading.  Jesus was open, honest, and truthful in all he said and did on earth.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the ICoC.

The ICoC has many "front" organizations that are nothing more than money filters for the church and it's leaders.  Under the banner of Christ, this "church" uses it's members and the community to fill the leadership's pockets while new members live in poverty.

Many attempts to "increase numbers" are done as Teacher Appreciation Day, City Leadership Awards Day, Volleyball Tournaments.  Many churches do these type of services, but the ICoC does all it can to hide the fact that they are a damaging and misleading organization.

Worldwide, the ICoC uses an organization named H.O.P.E. Worldwide, a not-for-profit organization, to funnel money into the pockets of the upper echelons of the ICoC leadership.  Donations collected by members are advertised to non-members and members alike as going "to help those in need."  Dreadfully, these monies are going to furnish the leadership with quite a lavish lifestyle (more on this later).

The ICoC is prevalent on college campuses where it goes by names that seem rather harmless:  Campus Advance, Christians on Campus, etc.  In most cases, these organizations are NOT endorsed by the department of student affairs (religious affairs).  The members of the ICoC do all they can to hide the fact that their organization is affiliated with the ICoC.  This deception has led to the ICoC being banned on many campuses worldwide.


More To Come