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Michael S. Kleymann
Amelia F. Manteufel
Exchanged Marriage Vows on
April 10, 1999

The week leading up to the wedding was crazy!  We were to drive a rental car to go from Dallas to Wisconsin for the wedding, but at the last minute (Easter Sunday morning!) we ended up flying from Dallas to Chicago.  My main concern; how do I get my dress on the plane?

After arriving in Chicago, we went to stay with Mike's parents before the 5 hour drive to my parent's home.  At 4 am, the morning after Easter Sunday, I woke up with hives.  It was 45 minutes to the nearest hospital, but Mike's mom took us there.  It turned out I had an allergic reaction to some medication I was on. 

The service was held at my childhood church, Grace Lutheran in Winchester, Wisconsin.  It's a small country church on the top of a hill.  It was a chilly day, about 50 degrees...but the dress kept me warm.  I was sweating in places I didn't know existed.

Our wedding party was fantastic.  My best friend, Renee (that's her, with me on the right) was my maid of honor.  It was wonderful having her be a part of such a great day!

The remainder of our wedding party was Mike's family.  They traveled from Kansas to be with us for the wedding.  In the picture at left is (l to r) Mike's sister - Kristi, Renee, me, Mike, Mike's brother - Trae, Mike's Brother in law Brad and in front is Mike's nephew, Benjamin.

The officiant for our service was Pastor Harms.  The music for our service was played by Jenea, one of Renee's college friends.  It was absolutely beautiful to hear and see a harpist.  Our music choices included the song "All I Ask of You," by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

The service was beautiful.  Everyone cried.  I giggled almost all the way through. I kept telling myself to stop laughing, or the pastor wouldn't think I was being serious.  I remember thinking how handsome Mike is while I was walking down the aisle.

It was a wonderful day, Mike's family was able to make it.  As was my entire family.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding.